Links to all court filings in Cauchon v. Granville Board of Education, an Open Meetings Act case. editor Dennis Cauchon filed an open meetings lawsuit against the Granville Board of Education on March 27th.

Cauchon claimed the school board violated the Ohio Open Meetings Act by choosing a new school board member by consensus in a closed executive session. The Open Meetings Act requires all decision-making be done in public at open meetings.

In response, the school board claimed it lawfully reached a consensus as part of executive session deliberations and satisfied the requirements of the Open Meetings Act by ratifying its consensus in a public vote March 19.

Common Pleas Court Judge David Branstool ruled in favor of the school district on May 10.

The legal documents are all provided here:

  • Cauchon’s eight-page lawsuit filed March 27 can be read here.
  • School board’s attorney, James Stucko of Columbus, responded April 10. His answer to the suit can be read here¬†and motion for dismissal can be read here.
  • Cauchon replied to the school district’s motion on April 26. That can be read here.
  • I’m told the school district responded to the April 26th filing. But I don’t have that. Will post if I get it.
  • Judge Branstool’s decision can be read here.

The public meeting with the formal vote can be seen here. The appointment starts at 1:42. Cauchon objects to the secretly made decision in public comment at 1:01:08.

Audio of the public sessions the board held to announce what it had done in executive sessions can be found here. It lasts nine minutes.

Granville schools leadership. From left: Superintendent Jeff Brown, board vice president Tom Miller, board member Jen Cornman, board president Russ Ginise, board member Amy Deeds, newly appointed board member Fred Wolf, Treasurer Mike Sobul.

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